Justice and the Future May 22, 2016

Sky Island UU Church Sunday Service May 22 
Justice and the Future
Can we achieve justice for the Earth and its current inhabitants? And can we extend justice 7 generations into the future? Is justice a concept that only applies to human life? The future of life on Earth depends an awful lot on what we humans choose to do or not do in the very immediate future. Water (surprise!) will be an important component of this talk.

Message:  Tricia Gerrodette

Facilitator: Rev. Linda Lawrence

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The Oneness of Everything: Reflections on my trip to Alaska March 6,2016

Sky Island UU Sunday Service
March 6 
The Oneness of Everything: Reflections on my trip to Alaska
Sharon Travis has been a member of Sky Island since it’s very first congregational meeting in Feb. 1996 at the Pintek Ranch in Bisbee. On her bucket list, Sharon always wanted to travel to Alaska. Her desire was fueled by hearing Jean MacKeen talk about making the trip planned by WhaleCoast, Alaska.  The tour is sponsored by the four UU congregations in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau, and Sitka, Alaska. Sharon took the two week tour with them in July 2014 and found it so delightful, she is taking the one week trip (the National Park Tour) in June.
Sharon will  provide her perspective of Alaska and how this beautiful state and it’s people are being impacted by climate change.  She will have an exhibit in the community room of some books, brochures, and a video compiled of photos taken by participants who traveled with her.
Presenter: Sharon Travis
Facilitator: Tricia Gerrodette

Happiness II

Sunday Service September 20, 2015:  Happiness II
Terry Z is happy to continue the talk she gave in July about happiness.  Topics will include money, talk therapy, social networks, sex, love and how they relate to happiness.  For the Story for all Ages, the children will perform a short play about happiness.  The music and songs will also relate to happiness, and the Sky Island Singers will lead the congregation in singing a round also about happiness.


Message:  Terry Zapotocky
Facilitator:  Lorraine Groberg

Elixir of Life

Sunday Service April 12. 2015:  Elixir of Life

Water is a symbol of the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part and a necessity for all living things. Water is often seen as sacred-a part of the commons to be shared by all.  Water is significant in all faith traditions. Human bodies are about 60% water.  A person can only live about 4 days without water-probably less in the heat of Arizona!  The issue of water in Arizona is complex.  How can we bring our Unitarian Universalist values to this crucial issue in a state plagued by drought?


Sermon:  Rev. Lisa McDaniel-Hutchings
Facilitator:  Rita Aronna